Absolute dynamism

By slimming down the BUGATTI signature line, the body has a visual horizontal division, emphasised by a special colour scheme. The upper portion is fluid and muscular, while the lower section is technical and angular, reinforcing the car’s forceful appearance. The wedge-shaped profile and rising beltline push the cockpit forward, lending the DIVO an extremely dynamic profile, even at a standstill.

Better cooling

The DIVO’s dramatic stance is emphasised by a muscular distention above each rear wheel. At the front, the visual horizontal division continues. The air intake area is more open for better cooling and an aggressive front splitter adds additional downforce. Large air curtain ducts enhance airflow around the car.

Imposing beauty

An entirely new architecture was developed for the front of the DIVO. The lightweight LED headlights are ultra-compact, just 35mm tall. Their vertical positioning allows for additional air intakes to cool the brakes. Daytime running lights on the outer edge of the car give the DIVO a sense of greater width and strength.

Artistic lines

Creating a visual connection from the bonnet to the roof is the characteristic BUGATTI central fin, which also highlights the NACA air inlet. Pushing the headlights to the outer corners of the car creates space for the DIVO’s brake-cooling air inlets. Air taken in through the large horseshoe grill is partially released through the bonnet to generate extra downforce.

Enhanced aerodynamics

An homage to the iconic BUGATTI Type 57SC Atlantic, the DIVO’s central fin also plays a functional role, preventing air from causing turbulence at the rear. The NACA air intake on the roof creates an optical connection with the air outlet in the bonnet and helps guide air towards the non-retractable rear wing. Measuring 183cm wide, the hydraulically actuated rear wing is 23% wider than the CHIRON. This larger surface increases the performance of the air brake.

Intense attraction

The rear of the DIVO is composed for maximum impact. Partly 3D-printed, the rear grill is characterised by a stunning tail light system made from lightweight fins of varying sizes. At the outer edge, the fins become wider, creating a more intense light and emphasising the DIVO’s powerfully wide body.

Centre stage: the driver

Inside, DIVO Racing Blue provides a stark optical split, ensuring the asymmetric colour layout focuses on the driver. The newly designed seats offer greater lateral support with the lightweight central console giving greater comfort thanks to larger armrests and calf supports. Alcantara partly covers the steering wheel, which also has larger shift paddles on each side.

Alluring contrast

The horizontal divide across the DIVO is accentuated by a special colour scheme. Matte Titanium Liquid Silver adorns the elegant upper section, while the more technical lower part features exposed carbon fibre tinted in petroleum blue DIVO Carbon. DIVO Racing Blue underlines the three-dimensional character of the surfaces leading to the air inlets and outlets on the front and sides of the car, creating a captivating contrast


At the rear, the DIVO’s functional elements such as the tail lights, aerodynamic devices and the four-pipe exhaust are clustered together in the visible carbon section. DIVO Racing Blue accents highlight the depth of the air outlets, culminating in an unmistakable rear profile.